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Finished reading A Dance with Dragons? Here's what to read next.

George R.R. Martin has also published a series of novellas set in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire. These novellas, the Tales of Dunk and Egg, follow a knight and his squire as the travel around Westeros about one hundred years before A Game of Thrones. The first novella, The Hedge Knight, can be found in the anthology called Legends, edited by Robert Silverberg. The second novella, The Sworn Sword, can be found in the Legends II anthology, also edited by Robert Silverberg. The third novella, The Mystery Knight, was published in the anthology Warriors, edited by George R.R. Martin. There is at least one more novella in the works. A new anthology called Dangerous Women will contain the adventures of Dunk and Egg in the North. The first and second novellas are also available as graphic novels.

Here are some other epic fantasy series with complex characters, rich settings and engaging plots:

The Kingkiller Chronicle series by Patrick Rothfuss
This trilogy follows the story of Kvothe, an adventurer, magician and musician. Though he has become a legendary and mysterious figure, he has managed to disappear from public life. Just as strange events begin to occur in the area, a stranger arrives and Kvothe is persuaded to tell his tale.

The Riftwar Cycle series by Raymond E. Feist
Feist's Riftwar Cycle is composed of several different sagas that occur in the same universe. In this universe, magicians and creatures can create rifts in space to connect planets. Those new to this universe would do well to start with the books of The Riftwar Saga (Magician: Apprentice, Magician: Master, Silverton and A Darkness at Sethanon). This saga introduce the story of Pug, an unpromising orphan who gradually comes into great power.

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever by Stephen R. Donaldson
Thomas Covenant, a diseased outcast, suddenly finds himself transported to an alternate land. In this land he is no longer diseased and reviled, but isntead he is proclaimed as the reincarnation of a long-dead hero. Thomas finds it difficult not only to believe that he is a hero, but to believe in the Tolkienesque fantasy land around him.

The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind
In this series the world is split into two regions, New and Old. Soon after Richard Cypher meets a powerful young woman from the mysterious Old World he discovers that one of his oldest friends also wields powerful magic as well. Unsurprisingly, after receiving a magical sword, he finds himself becoming drawn into a deadly struggle between good and evil.

The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb
In this trilogy, a royal bastard named Fitz becomes a student of the Royal Assassin after it is discovered that Fitz has inherited some unusual skills.

The Temeraire series by Naomi Novik
Naomi Novik reimagines the Napoleonic Wars as they would be fought if a military air force contained dragons. In the first book, a British sea captain finds himself leaving the navy for a place in the Royal Aerial Corps when a rare Chiense dragon, Temeraire, chooses him as a companion. Together they battle against the forces of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson
Set in a universe with an innovative magic system, the Mistborn series portrays the struggle of the skaa (slaves) against the oppressive ruling class.

Here are a few more series and standalone books that are similar to A Song of Ice and Fire

The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan
The Belgariad series by David Eddings
Troy: Fall of Kings by David Gemmell
Malazan, Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson
The Fionavar Tapestry series by Guy Gavriel Kay
Under Heaven by Guy Gavriel Kay
The Liveship Traders series by Robin Hobb
The Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien
The Spellsong Cycle by L.E. Modesitt Jr.
The Dark Tower series by Stephen King
The Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone series by Greg Keyes
The Inheritance Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin

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