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Celebrating The 46th Year of Our Relationship as Sister Cities / Twin Towns

The small communities of Brecon and Saline formed the the first  Welsh-American sister city relationship in 1966. The bonds between the two towns have grown into a close and active friendship and expanded far beyond a mere relationship between government officials. Over 4,000 trips have been made by residents of these two communities to share their cultures and their families. This joint web site is designed in part to share the history of that relationship with the public but it also functions as a part of the relationship itself. Here, citizens of Saline and Brecon who have not been able to be part of a travel exchange can learn about their sister city on separate home pages for each community. Those who have made visits can use the site to keep abreast of local news and events, including the events that are part of our sister city activities. As The Mayor of Brecon says, quoting from The Mabinogion, "A fo ben, bid bont." - "Whoever would be a leader must be a bridge". To hear the long-standing toast to our friendship, click here.

Click History to see a photographic history of our sister city relationship. Click Brecon Home to go to photos, information and links about Brecon, Wales. Click Saline Home to go to photos, information and links about Saline, Michigan. You can also go directly to the  Saline-Brecon Friendship Guild portion of our site.  New additions to the site are always listed below on this home page.   

Bowley Friendship Bridge Rededication in Saline's Millpond Park

The Bowley Friendship Bridge, named in honor of former Brecon, Wales Mayor, Arthur T. Bowley, M.B.E., was recently rebuilt following flood damage to the old wooden bridge. In a special ceremony at Saline's Millpond Park on April 28, 2012, the new steel bridge was rededicated to the achievements of Mayor Bowley in forging the long sister city relationship between Saline and Brecon. As in the original dedication in 1996, the event was marked by the mixing of water from Brecon and water from Saline as it was poured into the flowing Saline River below. Three beautiful Welsh-costumed ladies (Sheila Blough, Sandy Wingate and Elizabeth Colson) joined Judge Donald Shelton, Mayor Gretchen Driskell, and Saline Public Works Director Jeff Fordice for the ceremony.

For video and more photos of the event click here

Saline Celebrates Brecon Night 2012

At its annual Brecon Night (formerly Pub Night) celebration, the Saline Brecon Friendship Guild again auctioned its travelling symbol, the SBFG "Chain of Honor". The 2012 winning bidders, David and Sheila Blough, now have the right to possess the chain for good luck for the next year.


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