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Ask Me What I'm Reading

Weekly write-ups of books recently read by the Youth Department staff.

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Time for Cranberries
by Liesl H. Detlefsen; illus. by Jed Henry — E Det
Picture Book

Sam’s family grows cranberries, and this year he is old enough to help with the harvest.  Watercolor and pencil double-spreads illustrate the cranberry harvest vocabulary:  flooding, booming, corralling, pumping, cleaning, delivering and (of course) eating.  It’s a delightful marsh-to-table journey with recipes included! (PS)

Big Top Burning
by Laura E. Woollett — j 363.37 Woo
Nonfiction, Disasters

On July 6, 1944, a day at the circus turned into disaster for Hartford, CT, when the main tent caught fire and burned to the ground in just ten minutes.  Nearly 500 people were hospitalized and 167 died, including 59 children under ten. After seven decades, questions remain: was it arson? Who was the little blonde girl whose body was never claimed? Why didn’t the lists of missing persons and unidentified bodies match?  Interviews and photos add to this forensic mystery. (PS)

In a Cloud of Dust
by Alma Fullerton — E Ful
Picture Book

Who doesn’t like to learn to bicycle? In a dusty Tanzanian village, Anna arrives at the “bicycle library” too late to borrow a bicycle of her own. Nevertheless, she helps her friends learn how to ride, and then she gets a surprise favor in return. Here’s a fun story that shows a child’s everyday life somewhere different from Saline. (AE)

The Seventh Most Important Thing
by Shelley Pearsall – j Pea
Realistic Fiction

Arthur throws a brick at an old man who is the neighborhood “Junk Man.” For his crime, Arthur ends up doing community service for the “Junk Man,” and finds out that the trash he is collecting is being turned into a something beautiful. A great read! (EM)

The Story  of Diva and Flea
by Mo Willems, illus. by Tony DiTerlizzi – j Wil
Illustrated Fiction

Diva is a little dog living in luxury in Paris. Flea is a big street cat wandering the sights of Paris without a home. This is the story of how the two meet, become friends, and influence each other’s lives. They also teach each other to overcome their individual fears. And they live happily ever after. (RD)

The House that Jane Built
by Tanya Lee Stone — j921 Addams

When Jane Addams was very young, she realized that some day she wanted to help those who were less fortunate than herself. In 1889, Jane developed a settlement home in Chicago to help those in need. It was called the Hull House. Learn how Jane transformed many lives and about what we now call community centers. (KAW)

by Katherine Applegate — j App
Realistic Fiction

Jackson’s family is having financial problems.  They barely have enough food to eat, and they may have to live in their mini-van, again.  Jackson’s imaginary cat, Crenshaw, helps him to cope with his anxiety and fears. A wonderful, heartfelt book! (EM) 

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