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Ask Me What I'm Reading

Weekly write-ups of books recently read by the Youth Department staff.


by Kelly DiPucchio — E DiP
Picture Book

Gaston tries so hard to be a perfect poodle. One day in the park he discovers that he is really a bulldog! Gaston may be a bulldog by breed, but he is a poodle at heart. (KW)

by David Macaulay – j 726.6 Mac
Nonfiction – Architecture

Forty-one years ago, David Macaulay amazed everyone with his book Cathedral.  It told the story of the building of a (fictional) cathedral, and intricate pen and ink drawings showed the details of construction.  Now he has revised the text and redone the illustrations, this time in full color.  It’s a wonderful introduction to both architecture and history. (PS)

The Winter Horses
by Philip Kerr  — j Ker
Historical Fiction

Two rare Przewalski’s horses and a Ukrainian Jewish girl bond and try to escape the Nazis who have invaded the steppes during WWII. More war story than horse story, this is a frightening and thought-provoking survival story for middle school readers. (PS)

Hilda and the Troll
Hilda and the Midnight Giant
by Luke Pearson — j741.59 Pea
Graphic Novels

Presented in large comic book format, these first two eccentric stories are set in a folkloric Norse-like wilderness. Spunky Hilda befriends trolls, a quirky woodsman, disappearing giants, invisible elves, and migrating woffs. “Such is the life of an adventurer,” she says shortly before she has to move away – into town. (AE)

Off to Market
by Elizabeth Dale − E Dal
Picture Book

Joe drives everyone to market—mommies, goats, chickens, melons, boxes, young Keb, and much more. But, oh dear, Joe can’t say no to anyone, and the bus gets so full that it can’t make it up the hill. Who’ll get off? Everyone needs to make it to the market! Rhyming text with lots of smiling faces and colorful illustrations. (AE)

Every Body’s Talking: What We Say without Words
by Donna M. Jackson — j 153.6 Jac
Nonfiction – Human Behavior

Learn what your body is expressing through your eyes, face, posture, and actions.  Also, learn some helpful techniques to appear confident when speaking to others. (EM)

Amelia Bedelia Tries Her Luck
by Herman Parish — JE Blue Par
Early Reader

As Amelia gets ready for school, she accidentally breaks a mirror. Some of her classmates tell her that’s bad luck, but it can be changed by good luck. Well, good and bad luck get jumbled up until her teacher explains it all. Lucky Amelia!

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