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Ask Me What I'm Reading

Weekly write-ups of books recently read by the Youth Department staff.


Tap the Magic Tree
by Christie Matheson — E Mat
Picture Book

The book begins with a brown bare tree, but watch as the magic unfolds through the seasons. This simple and interactive book will take you through each season as the tree changes. Follow the directions on the page to reveal a new stage of the tree on the next page. (KAW)

Our Tree Named Steve
by  Alan Zweibel – E Zwe
Picture Book

 People often say, “If these walls could talk!” Well, what if the thing that had witnessed all your life’s milestones was a tree? David Catrow’s quirky, colorful illustrations perfectly complement the personification of a massive tree in one family’s yard. The tree is a swing holder, a hiding place, a safe haven, but most of all, a comforting presence—always there to come home to. (MK)

A Bad Case of Stripes
by David Shannon – E Sha
Picture Book

Camilla loves lima beans, but she never eats them for fear of being laughed at by her friends.  One day she wakes up to find she is colorfully striped. After that, she turns the color of what anyone suggests: checkerboard, polka-dotted, even the colors of the American flag. None of the experts and doctors can figure out how to cure her. Can you guess what the cure is? (RD)

The Mad Potter: George E. Ohr, Eccentric Genius
by Jan Greenberg & Sandra Jordan – j738.092 Gre
Nonfiction, 2013 Sibert Honor Winner

Was he really crazy? Uninhibited, flamboyant George Ohr was an artist and a potter who lived way before of his time. With the ends of his mustache hooked behind his ears and with his biceps bulging, he would work on the potter’s wheel creating his art. Each of his pots was as unique as he was. People could not tell if he took himself seriously. You’ll have to decide for yourself! (AE)

Time For Bed, Fred!
by Yasmeen Ismail – E Ism
Picture Book

It’s time for Fred the dog to go to bed. However, Fred has other ideas, such as running away, hiding, and rolling in the mud (after his bath)!  This humorous story done in lively watercolors, captures the playfulness of dogs as well as the patience of their owners. (KW)

Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices
by Paul Fleischman – j811.54 Fle
Poetry, 1989 Newbery Award

From “Waterstriders,” who take their water-walking skills for granted, to “Honeybees,” where the worker bee feels taken for granted, these are wonderful celebrations of the insects all around us, to be read by two people simultaneously.  (PS)

Little Miss Muffet
by Iza Trapani – E Tra
Picture Book

In this retelling of the popular nursery rhyme, Little Miss Muffet ends up frightened of
many more critters than just a spider.  Wonderful rhymes and bold pictures. (EM)

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