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Ask Me What I'm Reading

Weekly write-ups of books recently read by the Youth Department staff.


The Cosmobiography of Sun Ra: The Sound of Joy is Enlightening
by Chris Raschka— JE 921 Ra

Chris Raschka’s joyful words and paintings beautifully bring to life a remarkable musician:  Herman “Sonny” Blount, who renamed himself Sun Ra, reinvented jazz, and took it and his band, the Arkestra, around the world. (PS)

by Saline Yoon—E Yoo
Picture Book

Bear finds a lost bunny in the forest, so he decides to hang “Found” posters to help get bunny back home. While waiting, Bear becomes very attached to bunny. If bunny’s owner does show up, will Bear be able to part with bunny? (KW)

Stay Where You Are and Then Leave
by John Boyne — j Boy
Historical Fiction

Alfie Summerfield’s dad has not yet come home from WWI.  His mother says he’s on a secret mission, but the true secret is that he is in a nearby hospital being treated for shellshock. For grades 6 and up, Boyne’s book is a wrenching picture of The Great War. (PS)

Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas
by Lynn Cox & Brian Floca — E Cox
Picture Book

Once upon a time there was a regal elephant seal named Elizabeth. She loved a particular spot in Christchurch, New Zealand. Even though she was transferred to more and more remote beaches away from the city, she still returned to Christchurch. So the city finally allowed her to stay. A beautiful, true story! (AE)

The Pilot and the Little Prince
by Peter Sis — j 921 Saint-Exupery

Born in 1900 in France, a little boy named Antoine loved a new invention, the airplane.  He grew up to become a mail pilot, a rescue pilot, a war pilot, an adventurer, and a writer.  This is a beautifully illustrated biography of the author of The Little Prince, one of the world’s most famous children’s books. (PS)

by Jon Scieszka — j Sci

Michael K.’s first day in a new school is a disaster when two other new (and very weird) kids attach themselves to him. They are aliens from the planet SPHDZ and they’re here to save Earth, with Michael’s help.  It’s goofy, it’s wacky, it’s the first in a series! (PS)

Off to Class: Incredible & Unusual Schools around the World
by Susan  Hughes – j371 Hug

We take schools and education for granted. With very readable text and vivid photographs, this book shows how in many places it is a struggle to get an education. Through location maps and interviews with students, we learn how culture, gender, location, poverty, environment, and natural disasters affect education around the world. (PS)

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