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Ask Me What I'm Reading

Weekly write-ups of books recently read by the Youth Department staff.


Shh! We Have a Plan
by Chris Haughton — E Hau
Picture Book

Four friends try unsuccessfully to capture a bird they find in the woods. The three bigger friends won’t listen to the youngest one who has an approach to the task that is different than sneak, sneak, attack!  Vibrantlycolorful, simple block illustrations humorously show that the gentle way is often the best way. (MK)

Spilling Ink: A Young Writer’s Handbook
by Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter — j 808.3 Maz
Nonfiction, Creative Writing

Two successful authors of children’s books share writing tips with would-be fiction writers (grades 4-8).  In a quirky, funny book, Mazer and Potter entertain even as they offer solid advice.  You might be inspired to spill some ink yourself! (PS)

Dory Fantasmagory
by Abby Hanlon — JE Red Han
Early Chapter Book

Dory has an older brother and sister who never want to play with her, because she’s too babyish. Trying desperately to get their attention, Dory asks endless questions, does annoying things, and generally lives up to her nickname, Rascal!  Eventually her fantastic imagination helps her find a way to get her brother to play with her. A funny book! (MK)

by Cynthia Lord – j Lor
Realistic Fiction
The Mitten Award, 2006

Catherine is a twelve-year-old who dreams of having a “normal” life, but that is very difficult. She has an autistic brother she sometimes has to take care of. Then she meets Jason who is in a wheelchair and talks only by pointing to words in his book. How she comes to terms with people’s differences and disabilities is a heartwarming story. (RD)

Katy No-Pocket
by Emmy Payne — E Pay
Picture Book

Katy Kangaroo is very sad, because she has no pocket in which to carry her son. After speaking to wise Owl, she sets off to the city to buy a pocket. (KW)

A Medal for Leroy
by Michael Morpurgo — j Mor
Historical Fiction

Michael and his mother dutifully visit his two maiden great-aunts in the years after his father’s death during WWII. When one of them dies, she leaves a letter for Michael that changes much of what he knows about his father and grandfather, and highlights the racial injustices that existed during the two World Wars that denied his father a medal. (MK)

The Fourteenth Goldfish
by Jennifer L. Holm — j Hol

Eleven-year-old Ellie is baffled when a strange boy shows up at her house who looks a lot like her grandfather.  Could he really be Grandpa Melvin?  Does this mean he has found the secret to staying young forever?  You will love this book! (EM) 

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