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Ask Me What I'm Reading

Weekly write-ups of books recently read by the Youth Department staff.


The Trouble with Magic
by Ruth Chew — j Che

The trouble with magic… is that it doesn’t always act the way you’d like.  Barbara and Rick accidentally release a wizard from a dusty old bottle, and the fun begins!  Mr. Peabody’s umbrella grants wishes, but only if – and how – it wants to.  If you like short magical adventures (with illustrations), try the other books by Ruth Chew. (PS)

Rags: Hero Dog of WWI
by Margot Theis Raven — j940.4 Rav
Nonfiction, History

U.S. soldier James Donovan befriends a dog named Rags during WWI. Rags becomes useful when he carries messages from the front line to the back.  However, they both end up injured in the war, and James doesn't survive. A touching true story with great pictures! (EM)

Mr. Wayne’s Masterpiece
by Patricia Polacco – E Pol
Picture Book

Although Patricia is an excellent writer and student, she has terrible stage fright and can’t even share her essays with the rest of the class. Her teacher places her in Mr. Wayne’s drama class to help overcome her shyness. When suddenly the leading lady moves away, will Patricia be able to put aside her fears and save the play? (RD)

Garden to Table
by Katherine Hengel — j641.5 Hen
Nonfiction, Cooking

This book is a helpful guide to kid-friendly recipes. It teaches kids about planting, growing, and cooking different with herbs and vegetables from their garden. There are great step-by-step instructions with colorful illustrations to get a young gardener excited about food. (KAW)

Splat the Cat Makes Dad Glad
by Alissa Heyman — JE Blue Sco
Based on the stories by Rob Scotton
Early Reader

Splat’s dad is sad.  Splat decides that winning the Cat School Games will cheer up dad, but things don’t go quite the way Splat plans. Luckily, Dad has a good sense of humor. (KW)

Halloween Mice!
by Bethany Roberts − JE Blue Rob
Early Reader

Costumed Halloween mice skitter through the cornfieldand the pumpkin patch. They’re having a twirly-swirly Halloween party. When a Halloween cat comes slinking along, the mice use a flashlight and shadow play to scare the cat away. Playful Halloween spookiness! (AE)

Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses
by Kimberly and James Dean — E Dea
Picture Book

Pete is having a bad day—until he is given a pair of magic sunglasses that help him see things in a whole new way! He loans them to friends who are also having bad days, with the same positive result. Vibrant, colorful artwork perfectly complements the lesson Pete has learned: that you don’t need magic to help see the good in every day. (MK)


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