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Ask Me What I'm Reading

Weekly write-ups of books recently read by the Youth Department staff.


Sleep Tight, Anna Banana!
by Dominique Roques — E Roq
Picture Book

Anna Banana cannot put her bedtime book down, but her stuffed animals are ready for bed. When Anna is finally ready to sleep, what do her stuffed animals do? Find out in this hilarious bedtime tale. (KAW)
Thank You, God
by J. Bradley Wigger — j242.62 Wig

A sweet children’s prayer focusing on all the things for which we have God to thank (family, rain, shelter). A timely reminder of the real reason for Thanksgiving—NOT just turkey and pumpkin pie! Beautiful, bright, textured paintings are the perfect backdrop for the gentle reminder to be grateful for life’s many blessings. (MK)

Families Around the World
by Margriet Ruurs and Jessica Rae Gordon – JE306.85 Ruu
Nonfiction – Social Customs

All nationalities have families and their own traditions. This book gives 14 different countries a two-page spread with many illustrations and a child explaining what a day is like, as well as a few other details about his/her life.  It reminds us how alike we all are even though some traditions are different.  (RD)

Body Bones
by Shelley Rotner & David A. White — j573.76 Rot
Science – Anatomy

Bones are alive! They grow. They have special jobs to do. Our bodies would collapse into blobs without them! This book is filled not only with facts about all kinds of bones, from cartilage to exoskeletons, but it is also filled with photographs overlaid with diagrams of skeletons. Pretty cool! (AE)
The Bus For Us
by Suzanne Bloom – E Blo
Picture Book

As Tess and her older friend Gus are waiting for their school bus, Tess asks, “Is this the bus for us, Gus?” Partial illustrations encourage readers to guess the type of vehicle approaching.  The entire vehicle is revealed on the following page. (KW)

Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio
by Jonah Winter – j921 DiMaggio

Baseball was once America’s biggest sport.  During the Depression and WWI, Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio became a baseball star for the New York Yankees. He broke the American League hitting record, and gave people something to cheer for. A well done biography! (EM)

What’s Your Favorite Animal?
by Eric Carle and Friends — JE 741.642 Car
Nonfiction - Animals

In double-page spreads, fourteen well-known picture book artists answer the question with words and illustrations.  Some entries are amusing, some touching, some thought-provoking; all may inspire you to draw and write about your own favorite! (PS)

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