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Ask Me What I'm Reading

Weekly write-ups of books recently read by the Youth Department staff.

NOTE: Please check Library Catalog for availability.

Leaflets Three, Let It Be! The Story of Poison Ivy
by Anita Sanchez; illus. by Robin Brickman — j581.6 San

An always timely reminder! Three-dimensional paintings follow the pesky plant through its changes during the year, helping with identification.  The author also points out that many animals depend on it for food and shelter.  Fascinating. (Uh-oh—are you starting to itch?) (PS)

Sheep Go to Sleep
by Nancy Shaw, illustrated by Margot Apple – E Sha
Picture Book

They’re baa-a-a-ck! After a seven year hiatus, the ebullient flock from Sheep in a Jeep (and others) has returned. It’s dark, but sheep can’t sleep. Luckily their friend, the border collie, has the situation under control. Cheerful colored pencil illustrations and a rhyming text that trips off the tongue make this a delightful package for bedtime or anytime. (PS)

What If... ?
by Anthony Browne – E Bro
Picture Book

Joe is going to his very first party. His mom walks him to his friend’s house where the party is taking place. As they’re walking, Joe starts to worry. “What if I don’t know anyone there? What if I don’t like the food? What if they play scary games?” His mom reassures him about every worry. When she leaves him at the party to go home, she starts worrying. Guess how the evening ends! (RD)

Tiger Boy
by Mitali Perkins — j Per
Realistic Fiction

Neel lives in the Sunderbans on an island that he knows like the back of his hand. Hurricanes and the changing economy have made life challenging for both adults and kids who live there. When a tiger cub escapes from the reserve and a rich bully of a businessman offers a big bonus to the one who finds the cub and brings her in, it becomes hard for everyone to know what to do. Thought-provoking without being too serious. (AE)

Greenglass House
by Kate Milford — j Mil
Fiction, Mystery

It’s the first evening of winter vacation. Milo and his parents run an old clifftop inn, known for hosting smugglers and other shady visitors. Odd visitors come to call, each arriving one by one, just as a winter storm snows them all in. Milo meets a new friend, Meddy, and together they uncover crimes and clues to a mystery that connects them all to the Greenglass House. (AE)

Cocoa Ice
by Diana Appelbaum — E App
Picture Book

When ice was a crop harvested from rivers in Maine, schooners sailed to Caribbean islands to trade ice blocks for cocoa beans. Imagine a New England girl trying hot cocoa for the first time;  or—a Santo Domingo girl having her first “cocoa ice”! Cut-paper collages and gouache add the right touch to this longer picture book about the connections between two different lands and cultures. (AE)

Fancy Nancy and the Too-Loose Tooth
by Jane O’Connor – JE Blue OCo
Early Reader

Nancy’s tooth is loose, and she wants it to fall out at school so that she will get a special tooth-holder necklace.  She uses particular precautions to prevent it from falling out at home. (EM)

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